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In-House Diagnostic Services

When your pet is sick or injured we need answers quickly so that we can begin appropriate treatment right away. In order to make a diagnosis or establish an initial course of treatment we maintain a range of in house diagnostic services including digital x-rays, ultrasound and hematology analyzers.


Digital x-ray equipment allows us to get x-rays fast. Digital technology lets us produce a quality x-ray image in a matter of seconds. These images allow us to identify broken bones, heart enlargement, tumors, intestinal blockages, bladder stones and a number of other serious conditions.

X-rays tell us about the size, shape and position of organs and bones. In some cases we may need to know more about the internal appearance of your pet’s organs.


Ultrasound provides a tool to look inside the organs and evaluate their “layers”. Ultrasound lets us see things that can’t be seen on a plain x-ray image because they are too small or because they are obscured by larger organs around them. Evaluation of these small structures and organ “layers” helps us to identify many conditions including intestinal diseases, cancers, uterine infections, fluid accumulation due to disease to name a few. Using ultrasound guidance we can safely sample fluid and take needle biopsies to diagnose your pet’s illness.

On a lighter note, ultrasound also let’s us safely evaluate female animals for pregnancy – we can see fetuses and their heartbeats!


Sometimes we just can’t wait for bloodwork to go to an outside lab – we need answers now. In those situations our in house hematology (blood chemistry and blood count) analyzers let us rapidly identify significant changes in your pet’s kidney and liver functions, electrolytes, and red and white blood cells. Typically we can run a full set of organ function tests and cell counts within 10 minutes. We can then begin an informed course of treatment without delay.

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