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It can be stressful when your pet is having surgery. That’s why we want you to know that we are caring for your pet just as we would care for our own.

Prior to surgery your pet will have a complete physical exam and bloodwork to ensure that they are in good enough health for anesthesia and to identify issues that could complicate their procedure.

Anesthestic protocols are then tailored to your pet, as well as to the specific procedure, to ensure the safest anesthetic experience possible. IV fluids are administered to protect the organs, maintain blood pressure and keep your pet properly hydrated.

Anesthetic monitoring is critical to ensure the safety and comfort of every patient. Our anesthetic monitoring is state of the art and includes: pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, respiratory monitoring, temperature monitoring and fluid monitoring.

We continue to monitor your pet during recovery since not all patients recover at the same rate or in the same way. When you pet is fully awake she will be sent home with written care instructions and appropriate medications.

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Phone: 843-873-2761
Fax: 843-534-5704
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